August 24, 2023

Adventure Date Idea + Meet Isla

MGP Fam, Meet Isla!

Behind the Name: Isla was named after Islamorada, one of the keys in The Florida Keys. Isaiah and I both love being on the boat, fishing, swimming… pretty much anything having to do with a boat or water, we love it. When we were talking over names, we were trying to think of a name that had a bit of meaning behind it and sounded cute simultaneously. That is when we landed on Isla. This girl loves playing and running around in the water, jumping through puddles, so I think the name and the girl were a perfect match.

As you know, Isaiah and I celebrated our two-year anniversary this summer. We did long distance this summer, so we celebrated in August after he moved back to Birmingham! I had a wonderful idea for a picnic and waterfall adventure date. If you are the adventurous type or looking to get out of Birmingham for the day, this might be the perfect date idea for you and your man! What better day is there than spending quality time with your favorite person, a few pub subs, and swimming at a waterfall? It’s giving The Hannah Montana Movie. Once we decided to adopt Isla, I was even more excited to take her with us and let her play in the water.

Just a short trip from Birmingham, we drove up to Little River Falls. Little River Falls is a great place to swim and explore and would be a great outing for friends or family! The shallow water offers a great place for kiddos (or pups) to roam around and explore without worrying about them. There are deeper parts of the water that are perfect for swimming. Pack snacks, an inner tube to float up and down the rapids, water, and a towel.

We played in the water for a while, ate our delicious pub subs, and watched Isla have the time of her life. This girl LOVES her some water, let me tell you. After spending several hours there, we packed up and made the 30-minute drive to our next stop, DeSoto Falls, near Fort Payne, AL. DeSoto Falls offers gorgeous views and an overlook. There is a trail that leads down to the bottom of the falls where you can swim, hang an eno, and relax! We splashed through the waterfalls, ran around with Isla, and were worn out.

If you are looking for a fun date for you and your significant other or a group of friends, check out these two waterfalls! We had a great day exploring and getting to know our sweet new pup! You’ll see much more of Isla on Instagram & the blog. Welcome home, Isla!

Isaiah’s first day of graduate school!

I’m throwing our “First day of school” picture in the blog. We’ve been trying to get a good picture that lives up to the “photographer standard” of the three of us, and it just hasn’t happened, so this is what we’ve got. No makeup, low-quality, a t-shirt, no puppy smiles. Good grief!