September 2, 2022

In Every Season: August Recap

I think I speak for everyone when I say that August was one of the busiest months in a long time. Normally the summer months of June and July are jam-packed but this year, August definitely took the trophy. Full of people going back to school, packing in last-minute family trips, and so much more.

To start off here is a quick highlight of the month of August: shot 3 weddings, one of which was my cousins, did the most spontaneous thing I ever have, ended long distance (thankfully), and went on several adventures. Let’s dive in:

I went on a spontaneous beach trip with my girls!!! Spontaneous meaning we booked our room 12 hours before checking in. We ate some amazing food, surprisingly got cold on the beach in AUGUST, laughed until we cried, and made memories that I will hold onto forever.

If you are ever in Rosemary Beach, Florida, you have to swing by one of my favorite restaurants ever: La Crema, Tapas & Chocolates. My favorite dish ever is their Lobster Mac & Cheese. Finish off your meal with a delicious fondue dessert complete with fresh apples, strawberries, pound cake, and marshmallows. By the way I am talking about it, you’d think I was sponsored😂.

Got my diploma in the mail, finally!

Isaiah spent the summer in Orlando working for Orlando Health. After 3 months, we said goodbye to long distance for a while! We finally got to celebrate our anniversary. This crab dip was delightful and my mouth is watering again by just looking at it. The next day, I surprised him with a Zip-Line tour at Historic Banning Mills in Carollton, GA on our way to East Georgia and boy did we had so much fun!

There will be more about this in a different blog, but my cousin got married!!! For those of you that don’t know me, I am an only child. My cousins and I all grew up very close and we all consider each other siblings. So the first one of my boys to get married was a big deal!!! Needless to say I was emotional most of the day. I will say, they clean up pretty well. We are adding to our crew one at a time. From the wedding, I was able to sneak home for a day or two! It was nice to be able to just hang around, see familiar hometown faces, and spend time with my parents!

The last big event of August earned me a check on my bucket list! I have always wanted to go to a Chinese Lantern Festival because they are so dreamy. I found out they were heading to Alabama and so I jumped on it and booked the tickets right away. I couldn’t name a better way to spend my first weekend off in 7 weeks! If you have never been to a Lantern Festival, I highly recommend it!

I wrapped up the month with a visit from one of my best friends from home, Hannah Grace. Though her visit wasn’t near as long as I would’ve wanted, it was so fun to sit and talk for hours. I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a while. Of course, we had to get cookout milkshakes to celebrate her being here!

August was a great month but I am so excited for all that September holds. I won’t get into what September holds because then I wouldn’t have a September Recap for the blog!!! See ya real soon & thanks for stopping by!