April 4, 2023

In Every Season: March Recap

Time has passed so fast that I just realized I never wrote a February recap. There wasn’t much going on in February aside from 2 weddings, my birthday, and some other tiny memories, so let’s hop right into March! Here’s what you can expect out of this month’s recap: a good beginning, and a rough end.

March was a busy month full of travel and so many happy memories. Flexibility has been one of the biggest blessings of my job because I can work remotely from anywhere. We were able to take a couple of days at the beginning of March to go spend some time in Orlando as well as Oklahoma. The days were full of client calls, social media, and LOTS of editing. I worked the entire time we were gone but we were able to squeeze in lots of fun things on our trip! When I say squeeze in, I mean SQUEEZE in. Scroll down to see some of my favorite pictures from our short trip. Before I went home for surgery, I was able to do 2 grad sessions, one being for Isaiah and boy was that fun! He didn’t really have a choice whether or not to do graduation pictures or not, he is dating a photographer after all.

I went home for my surgery but was able to have a couple of days before being out for the next week. All of my hometown girlies were able to travel back to Albany for the weekend in order to shower the first bride of our friend group. It was such a sweet time with friends and Drew was absolutely glowing! The second half of March was not as fun as the first half. I had to have mouth surgery and it was even more painful than it sounds. I was limited to a diet of mashed potatoes and orange sherbet. Also, don’t come after me, but for the longest time, I thought it was called “sherbert” so to this day, even when corrected, I still say “sherbert”. As I said, don’t come for me, just let me be. After almost a week and a half of recovering, I was finally able to come back to Birmingham and have gotten back into the swing of things, just in time for the crazy month of April.

April… whew April. April is full steam ahead, full throttle, all the things. I have 14 grad sessions, 3 commercial sessions, 2 weddings, and 1 engagement session, AND my boy is graduating this month!!! I cannot believe that we are already wrapping up the first third of the year.