September 20, 2023

Most Forgotten Wedding Day Items

Have you ever packed for a trip, and as soon as you get in the car, you think, “I feel like I forgot something.” (Literally, me every time I travel.) Well, guess what; your wedding day is no different!

Below is a list of key items to add to your packing list so you don’t forget them!

Decorative Hanger

Your photographer and videographers will absolutely capture your dress hanging the morning of your wedding. These photos are included in your wedding day details. In fact, it might be one of the most important shots of wedding details! A decorative hanger adds to the photos of your dress rather than an ugly plastic hanger that your dress came on. A bridal hanger is also a great way to elevate your details by adding a personal touch! You can create your own hanger or find a beautiful variety of options here!

Phone Chargers and Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone usually drains their phone battery throughout the wedding day by texting, calling, and snapping photos together. Nobody wants a dead phone when your party begins after the ceremony! Remember to pack your phone charger (or two) and plug it in during the afternoon! You also need a charged phone to crank some tunes in the morning while getting pampered for your bid day! A Bluetooth Speaker can totally change the mood of the wedding morning while you are getting ready. Blaring your favorite hype songs with your girls is a wedding morning must!

Getting Ready Food & Drinks

Typically, you won’t have a sit-down lunch during your wedding day (although I have had some brides schedule lunch). Your wedding party AND YOU will need something other than chips and fruit to snack on throughout the day and to hold you over until dinner. Think sandwiches, a Chick-fil-A tray (my favorite), snacks, water, etc. Especially if it is hot, hydration (not alcohol) is a must!

Touch Up Kit

After your glam (hair and makeup) team has worked their magic, you still have a full day ahead of you. There might be tears, sweat, or rain, so be prepared. Pack a small bag of powder, lipstick, bobby pins, hairspray, makeup remover, q-tips, etc. Pack anything you may need to freshen up before the ceremony and reception.

Cake Cutting Set

Sometimes your caterer or venue might have a cake-cutting set, but if you don’t check on this beforehand, nine times out of ten, you’ll be ready to cut the cake, and there is nothing for you to cut it with, leaving your coordinator, photographer, mom, or MOH running around trying to find the one someone said would be there. This is something to consider before the day of, and ensure the set gets put on the cake table the morning of. A cake-cutting set is also a very classy keepsake you will have for years and years.

Top Tier Cake Box

Not everyone saves their top tier for their one-year anniversary, but if you would like to, you’ll need something to take it home in. Otherwise, it is riding shotgun in your lap while you avoid every single bump. Ask your baker (or dessert provider) if they will provide you with a box for this or if you will need to make other arrangements!

Adding these typically forgotten items to your packing list sets you up for a stress-free wedding day! Happy Packing!