August 23, 2023

Welcome to Beach & Barn

You might be thinking, “What in the world is Beach & Barn?”… well, let’s talk about it. I have wanted to name the blog’s “personal” side for a long time now. I have been on the fence with many different names, but none have stuck out to me. They were either over-used or not what I was after. I wanted a name that reflected who I was outside of my photography business, so you can know the face behind the business instead of what I am most commonly known as… “camera lady.” So friends, let’s get into it!

The Story Behind Beach & Barn

Beach: Ever since I can remember, my family has been going to the beach. I think I got my love of the beach / being out on the boat from my dad. When he turned 16, he got a boat instead of a truck, and I think the passion snowballed and moved on to the next generation. Most of my favorite memories as a child consist of being at the beach with my family. Whether it’s going to the island, fishing offshore, snorkeling, or just going for a sunset cruise, any day is better at the beach and on the boat. I have saltwater in my blood; what can I say?

Barn: I was born and raised on a farm in South Georgia. If I have had the chance of meeting you, you probably already know this fact about me. I broadcast it to the world. My best friend used to get annoyed with me for how much I talked about it to new people that I met. I can’t help but talk about it because it is such a huge part of who I am. Ever since I was little, I have loved being at the farm. Spending time with my family, riding four-wheelers, and as I got older, even working on the farm to help out where and when I could. That dirt has heard so many stories, seen so many happy and sad tears, and has been the gathering place of my family for generations. Naturally, I have always wanted to bring part of that into my business branding.

SO. We have determined 2 things from this so far: I love the beach & I love the farm. After brainstorming what some potential names could be, coming up with good ones and some not-so-good ones, I was stumped. I was at a loss for months. I was updating some content on my Instagram home page, trying to find a cover picture for my “personal” or “out of the studio” highlight. I wanted something that had a little bit of beach & a little bit of farm in the picture. Guess what, I had no luck with that either. As I sat there wracking my brain, trying to get really creative for this highlight cover photo, it finally hit me. “Why don’t I just combine the two instead of coming up with a witty name that rhymes?” and after months of thinking, there it was, right in front of me, Beach & Barn.

For now, you can expect the same content you’ve been getting with my “In Every Season” recaps, travel posts, personal struggles/encouragement, and who knows what else. While just a name right now, I have so many dreams and ideas for the potential Beach & Barn could be, and I am excited to explore those with you. There is a blank canvas, and I am thrilled to fill it right up.

So friends, to recap, welcome to the side of MGP where I get the honor of inviting you in to learn more about the girl behind the camera. I am so excited to show you more about this South Georgia girl.

Welcome to Beach & Barn. I’m so glad you’re here!